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Corvus Administration and Management is a boutique legal service provider. We provide litigation support, management, consulting as well as paralegal, legal research, and client management work for a small select group of law firms located primarily in the western United States. We work as the A-team ('80s television show) of the legal services world.

Our staff, along with the attorneys and clients we support all have quite colorful personal backgrounds; and unique resumes. All of us are generally geared towards fighting for those who need fighting for (think Equalizer - also '80s television show). We typically work on cause-oriented legal cases, especially cases where a client's children, family, and/or liberty are at stake. This includes highly contentious family law cases, complex civil litigation, and criminal defense cases. We've worked on hundreds of cases you've never heard of, and we've also been the key laboring oar for several prominent firms and attorneys in prominent national - headline cases. We have worked with and supported attorneys from prominent national firms as well as solo practitioners.

Most of our work centers in Utah, with substantial cases and projects in Oregon, Nevada, California. We pride ourselves on specializing in the "fight" of litigation, and on having been instrumental in a pattern of success for the attorneys, firms, and clients we support. If you're looking for a non-conventional opportunity, to work with a group of dedicated but somewhat unbalanced and overcommitted legal professionals - get in touch.