When the law exposes a person to the possible loss of personal liberty, or genuine threats to family and parental autonomy - Corvus offers a unique solution.

The strange irony of modern, main stream legal practice, is that most attorneys are often unprepared and ill-equipped for defining, executing, and winning in the court room. The actual work of defending and preserving liberty often takes place in a lonely court room.

For these situations, Corvus has become the top choice for clients, attorneys and law firms. We assemble (or where necessary re-organize or refocus legal teams), we develop and lead the execution of effective pretrial and trial strategy, and we support attorneys and clients through the trial process in high stakes litigation. Founded in 2012, Corvus has developed a reputation and track record of providing exceptionally effective, passionate, and outside the box litigation services to law firms, attorneys and clients.



We are a boutique legal service provider. We provide litigation support, management, consulting as well as paralegal, legal research, and client management work for a small select group of law firms located primarily in the western United States.

Most of our work centers in Utah, with substantial cases and projects in Oregon, Nevada, and California. We pride ourselves on specializing in the "fight" of litigation, and on having been instrumental in a pattern of success for the attorneys, firms, and clients we support.

Corvus was founded by C.R.K. Franklin (aka C. Rick Koerber, to learn more visit after he was thrust into the world of high pressure litigation, when he was criminally charged by federal indictment in 2009.

Initially Rick couldn’t find work because his reputation had been destroyed by the criminal charges and related media coverage. After he exhausted all of his funds and could no longer afford his attorney - he made a deal with his attorney that he would show up at the office every day, and take the laboring oar for the work on his case. For the first few years (that same litigation has lasted more than 10 years) Rick did primarily legal research and drafting for his case. In the process Rick met other clients of the firm and became aware of many other individuals and families that were experiencing the very dramatic, eye-opening experience of having their lives hang in the balance - pending the outcome of a court proceeding - in a world that almost always seems foreign, scary, expensive and often stacked against the average person. This motivated Rick to reach out and expand what he could do. Rick started Corvus in 2012 and since that time Corvus has collaborated with dozens of lawyers from all walks of life, worked on hundreds of cases in multiple states and federal jurisdictions and been instrumental in a highly successful history of fighting for liberty. Corvus has worked behind the scenes to see multiple criminal defendants acquitted or their cases dismissed, dozens of high pressure civil cases resolved in favor of Corvus, several family crises resolved or averted, and even successful presidential pardons achieved by and for Corvus clients.

Since Rick started building this venture, the Corvus team has been comprised of unique individuals who have quite colorful personal backgrounds; and all have unique resumes. We work as the A-team ('80s television show) of the legal services world. All of us are generally geared towards fighting for those who need fighting for (think Equalizer - also '80s television show) and are often passionately imbalanced and obsessed with high pressure and high stakes cases.

We typically work on cause-oriented legal cases, especially cases where a client's children, family, and/or liberty are at stake. This includes highly contentious family law cases, complex civil litigation, and criminal defense cases.

We've worked on hundreds of cases you've never heard of, and we've also been the key laboring oar for several prominent firms and attorneys in prominent national headline cases. We have worked with and supported attorneys from prominent national firms as well as solo practitioners.