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A Different Approach to Litigation

Corvus is a boutique, private legal service provider. We provide litigation consulting, support, and management services, as well as trial level paralegal, legal research, and client management work for a small select group of law firms located primarily in the western United States. .

Our staff, along with the attorneys and clients we support all have quite colorful personal backgrounds; and unique resumes. All of us are generally geared towards fighting for those who need fighting for and we typically work on cause-oriented legal cases, especially cases where a client's children, family, or personal liberty is at stake. We specialize in highly contentious family law cases, complex civil litigation, and serious criminal defense cases.

We've worked on hundreds of cases you've never heard of, and have also been the key laboring oar for several prominent national headline cases. We regularly work with and support attorneys from prominent firms as well as obscure solo practitioners.


What Our Clients Say

If you are considering the folks at Corvus for help in any matter, I can tell you that they are among the best, if not the best, legal strategists, researchers, writers, legal assistants, and investigators I’ve ever worked with. I can also confirm that many share that assessment, including the clients of lawyers Corvus has worked for and judges who have taken note of Corvus’s work in certain matters. Based upon that feedback and my own experience, I couldn’t recommend Corvus more highly.
— R. M. Salt Lake, UT (Attorney) 2016

The typical litigation model hasn’t changed in over 100 years. Corvus takes a different approach. Attorneys and firms can improve profits, increase quality, lower overhead and obtain specialized on-demand assistance by hiring Corvus A&M


Legal Research

Get quick answers with insightful legal analysis and relevant legal authority on a specific topic, for a specific brief, or for an entire memorandum.

Litigation Strategy and Case Management

Get effective background work that can turn around difficult litigation cases and sometimes difficult clients or courts. Corvus specializes in out of the box strategy and rethinking and we can manage all paraprofessional tasks from client relations, schedule management, briefing, strategy outlines, jury selection, trial briefs, etc.


Paralegal support

Corvus offers cost-effective associates and paraprofessionals who will fill gaps in client management, case management, and backend support on a case-by-case basis, or on long term contracts.


Within the guidelines established by local state and federal rules, Corvus offers contract private investigation services, commercial delivery services for common courts, district courts and appellate courts, and mail and personal service of process - in all 50 states.


Lawyer and Staff Coaching

Successful litigators often learn from their peers, but there is much to be gained through private coaching and mentoring relationships. In select cases, Corvus is willing to provide high-quality coaching services for litigators (and sometimes including support staff).

Lawyer coaches can bring fresh perspective to managing a practice, approaching matters, or rethinking a particular case. Corvus has formed quality relationships with a network of attorneys from all spectrums of the legal world including solo practitioners, judges, and corporate attorneys. Most often, its the solo and small firm lawyers who are enjoying the awesome opportunity of practicing on their terms, but then come across practice or case specific needs that are usually require the resources taken for granted in larger firms. Corvus offers out-of-the box practice and case related coaching for like-minded litigators.

Benefits of a Virtual Relationship

1. Technology now makes it possible for attorneys to safely work with a virtual legal assistant or paralegal at a remote location.

2. An outsourcing relationship with a virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal has become an accepted practice in the legal profession. The number of qualified and experienced legal service professionals offering their skills on a virtual basis is growing.

3. “As needed” help is available without the extra expenses which come with an employee: office space, computer and software, payroll taxes and reporting, office supplies, holidays, sick days, vacations, and health insurance.

4. It makes economic sense. Litigators often spend too much time working alone and on tasks that can be better accomplished with the help of a team.